Dating Amber Review

Both Eddie and Amber are in the closet. Eddie, on the other hand, is in complete denial. Weary of their peers constantly jeering at them, Amber and Eddie stage a relationship to halt the speculation they have to endure. Amber and Eddie are both outcasts and loners. Whilst Amber secretly rents out a caravan to horny teenagers wanting some alone time so that she can save enough money to move to London. They can be who they are for the first time in their lives.


Amber revealed it was because they both find relationships difficult, and putting their feelings into a song was difficult. Funny story about that song, the producer Gen, who is my singing coach and basically my mentor for everything, he actually wrote this song in or and he said he was going to trash it. We actually had to change the song three to four times before it is what it is today.

Everyone thinks we sound so good together.

Dating Amber is a witty and hopeful story about the highs and lows of teenage life​. These aren’t just kids grappling with their sexuality. They’re.

I liked this. Quietly slipped onto the Amazon Prime Video service over the weekend, Dating Amber has the constituent ingredients of a romcom, but not that much intent of following the recipe to the letter. What we have instead is a sweet, moving, witty and moving coming of age tale, in romcom-ish clothing. The sex education video involves a nun and some rather odd hand gestures. The playground is a cauldron of bravado and homophobia. In fact, the first part of the film is frontloaded with plenty of laughs.

‘Dating Amber’: Film Review

Eddie is frequently mocked for his lack of success with the opposite sex and Amber is ridiculed for her indifference to the status quo. They appear as polar opposites — Eddie wants to join the Irish Army to create a new family tradition and Amber wants to move to London to live an anti-establishment life. To prevent their secret becoming public knowledge in school, they pretend to be a couple and they must navigate their new status together.

There is lots to enjoy in Dating Amber, especially the acting.

Petticrew and O’Shea are undoubtedly the standout element of Dating Amber. Petticrew as Amber is a forceful presence, she speaks as though.

At first they bicker, but they soon get together. They reach a deeper understanding. There is a crisis in the final act that risks dissolution and triggers a metaphorical race to the departure gate. You know how it goes. If you can think of a better structure then award yourself a big shiny medal. Freyne, director of the nifty zombie flick The Cured, has gone back to his own youth for the setting: Kildare in But the removal to another time promises more context-shifting than the film ultimately delivers.

There is potential here for cheap portrayals of a society at the fulcrum. The bullies gain tolerance as Ireland inclines itself towards the millennium. Rainbows over the hills. Blah, blah, blah. The film-makers wisely resist any such simplifications. The director and his cast have been eager to dismiss the notion that contemporary LGBT kids have it significantly easier than those 25 years ago, and the class of bullying here — cruel but rarely savage — is surely still commonplace.

Mum and dad the endlessly reliable Sharon Horgan and Barry Ward are not bad sorts, but they are sufficiently blinkered to think Eddie might follow dad into the Army.

Dating Amber review – gay teenagers’ pretend love fails to blossom

Peer pressure. Being a teenager is hard enough already without having to also conceal who you truly are — amidst the chaotic environment of school. How are you? Congratulations on Dating Amber — the concept is so brilliant.

Dating Amber review – witty Irish coming-of-age yarn. A lesbian teen and her gay friend couple up for cover in s Kildare in David Freyne’s.

In an attempt to halt speculation surrounding their sexuality, the pair join forces to stage what appears to be a young romance. However, sadly for them, things soon begins to unravel. The comedy-drama is set to debut in the UK very soon, and if your interest has been piqued, here’s everything you need to know about Dating Amber. The actor, who has also starred the four-part ITV drama Innocent , will be playing Eddie in Dating Amber and he is joined by new comer Lola Petticrew as the film’s titular character.

However, nothing has been confirmed on that front. Set in the mid ’90s, Dating Amber was part-funded by Screen Ireland, who describe the upcoming release as a “poignant, honest and funny look at the highs and lows of teenage life where the only way to fit in is to not be yourself, even if this goes against your very being.

Samuel Goldwyn Acquires David Freyne’s LGBTQ+ Teen Comedy ‘Dating Amber’

Eddie and Amber decide to stage a relationship in order to stop everyone speculating about their sexuality. Eddie is keen to follow his dad into the military, while Amber dreams of moving to the liberal hub of London. Tilted Pictures Altitude Film Entertainment. Loving this trend of queer coming off age movies focusing on friendship instead of romance storylines.

Dating Amber tells the story of a young couple in s Ireland – but it’s a relationship of convenience, as it turns out. I liked this. Quietly slipped.

Dating Amber is a different kind of queer cinema. For Eddie, things are a lot more complicated. He can be normal. For the moment — and the movie — though, Eddie and Amber are stuck at home and hiding their same-sex attraction. Finally, the genre is giving us a break from its star-crossed, po-faced lovers! Although Eddie and Amber each experiment with romance, this always plays second fiddle to the sensitive focus on the two as individuals, and the platonic friendship which gives them new hope.

This re-orientation away from romance is necessary on so many levels.

Dating Amber review – witty Irish coming-of-age yarn

See the gallery. Two school friends decide to start a pretend straight relationship in an effort to fit in. This is quite a refreshingly clever coming-of age story with Fionn O’Shea “Eddie” and Lola Petticrew “Amber” as two gay teenagers who hit upon the perfect ploy to make sure they are left in peace by their classmates: they decide to date each other!

Their cunning plan deceives all their mates and even engenders quite a bit of jealousy from some of his pals whilst giving them a perfect cover.

Dating Amber is landing on Amazon Prime Video on Thursday – and is already tipped to be a huge hit – get the details.

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