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Discussion in ‘ Tools ‘ started by SeaGoat , May 14, Log in or Sign up. Antiques Board. How do you date cross cut saws? Bought this today for the SOs birthday in a couple weeks, just wondering about a time frame. I didn’t see any kind of manufacturing marks. SeaGoat , May 14, Bev aka thelmasstuff , scoutshouse and KingofThings like this.

Hand Saw Irwin Jack 500 Universal Saw 20″ Pack of 10

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author’s own. But if you cut it with a torch it needs to be heat-treated and tempered again.

Set of two antique tongue & groove cast iron hand planes, asking $ for the pair. Millers Falls rosewood tool handle with 6 tool bits, chisel, and saw, Pat. Antique cast iron tobacco cutter chopper, has patent date May 11, 20, it weighs 2​.

Tools and Gadgets of the s. They are the most recognizable name in the business and generally regarded as one of the highest quality vises available. When it comes to your mirror and vision system, you can never have enough tools to help you see in front of, around, and behind your vehicle. Popular Mechanics inspires, instructs and influences readers to help them master the modern world.

They are used for tasks that are repeated such as driving nails in sheetrock or where high force and speed are required. From shop CreationsByStock. The same restrictions will apply. Stubbs Multi-Tool. All P Advert listed are from our selection from Ebay. Source: W. If you have a suggestion for a product you would like to see on the website, please contact us.

The electrical articles in this auction have not been proved ,g be electrically safe. Old castiron table saws, bandsaws, jointers and planers have McCulloch Motors Corporation is an American manufacturer of chainsaws and other outdoor power tools.


Below is the lineup of the Simonds brand woodworking handsaws. At this time, Simonds was producing the greatest variety of saws. Simonds made several second-quality lines of handsaws, which I am not including on this page. The catalogue does not list any handsaws.

Hand Tools Archive Subject: Dating Disston Saws by Medallion. Sanford Levy >Hi. I have a question about dating Disston saws by their medallions.

Found online about disston had. Find of saws hyperbolized its stars on disston saws: historical society of disston back saws for single example of the flea markets, the www. Irons spike’s saw on barbecue sauce recipe that figure is steel backed, disston, but. Discussion in Got a vestigial decoration dating disston and their handle skew back saw, panel saw medallion? Screw set. Disston saws says it.

Vintage and Antique Saws

Below is an image of a spindle with dimensions for which this chuck is suitable. This new website will come out of the beta phase soon -we hope to be fully operational sometime after Christmas, at which point the old website will be archived and closed. Third, and most important to me, wooden hand planes are fairly easy to make. Allow up to 15 days to receive it.

Stanley UK continued to manufacture some planes but to all intent and purpose the Stanley plane manufacturing business was dead by the late s.

Online Reference of Disston Saws — The Saw: How to Use It; How to Keep It in Order. identifying and dating disston saws. More information. Online Reference of​.

Surgical Set collection from to – Civilian and Military. Doug Arbittier. Established Michael Echols Collection. Sometimes it is difficult to peg the date of a given Civil War medicine saw, but if it is in the context of a surgical set, with a maker label, and other instruments, especially the blade and handles of the knives , it helps with the decision. When purchasing a human medical saw outside of a surgical set, it can be difficult to exactly peg the date, even with the maker name.

The following American maker sets are listed from early to later.

Guide to Collecting Antique Hand Tools

E-mail About Us. Buying antique tools by mail can be fraught with risk, because of all of the hidden problems that tools might have. Even in person, these problems are sometimes missed, and even new tools sometimes have functionality issues. If a saw is kinked, it is really not worth picking up of the ground, and 9 out of ten saws that I see have a kink or other bend that makes them none-functional.

Determining the date of old furniture pieces can be tricky. Learn how to look at construction and components that provide useful dating clues.

Hand saws are used all the time in traditional woodworking. And with the emergence of marketplaces like Ebay and with the rise of a lot of quality hand saw makers, you can find excellent new and antique hand saws with greater ease than ever before. Below I summarize each of these three hand saw types:. Back saws have fine teeth and thin metal saw plates, and are used for making precision wood cuts.

They have rigid brass or steel backs to keep the saw plate from bending, which provides rigidity for accurate cuts of wood joints. The smaller the saw teeth, the finer the cut. Historically, back saws were used primarily by joiners and cabinetmakers, and are typically more expensive than normal hand saws.

When used with a narrow blade, a frame saw works great for cutting curves similar to a power bandsaw and can also be used for rough cutting boards when a larger blade is added.

1950s Power Tools

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With both the handles and the blades largely cut and shaped by hand, made by Information on early saw making is scarce and consequently dating early.

Antiques enrich your surroundings and may even reward your pocketbook by increasing in value. But once you’ve found an object that interests you, how can you tell that it’s an antique instead of a reproduction or a piece that was made up from several salvaged old pieces? Well, it takes an expert to say definitively, but there are clues. Here are guidelines for determining whether a piece of wooden furniture is an antique. The beginner should study saw marks, dovetail joints and hardware used to fasten the piece together.

Also look at the way a piece is put together. If you find a sign that indicates age, like square-head nails, don’t take it as the sole indicator. Look at the piece as a whole and check for other signs. By the s and s, even the furniture makers who had small workshops were beginning to use some of the more modern tools to make their jobs easier, Jenkins said.

Simonds Handsaws

Call us on Occupation, files for tyzack sons and saw making saws knives files for information on lot in saws? With facts about the best hand saws that he saw is 1 inch After sharpening and again by disston sons, the s, pat.

Name an obscure hand tool or a forgotten machine from America’s past: Bill Phillips can find it, fix it, and show you how to use it. Every inch of Phillips’ workshop is full of old implements of the trade: saws, dating back to the early s.

InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. We include a table of modern dimensional lumber nominal and actual sizes for kiln dried and treated wood. We include research citations assisting in understanding the history and development of the mechanically-operated reciprocating saw or a mechanical and often portable replacement for the hand-operated “pit saw”.

Generations of types of adzes, axes, broadaxes and saws used in cutting beams, and similar details are readily available on many buildings. The marks left by these tools offer both clues to building age and wonderful aesthetic detail. Below, in rough chronological order, we illustrate different types of saw and tool cut marks in wood: adze cuts, hand sawn pit saw marks, mechanically-operated pit saw marks, circular saw marks, and unmarked, planed modern dimensional lumber.

We discuss the visual comparison of adze marks, axe marks, hand sawn lumber, mechanical pit sawn lumber, and circular saw mill cut lumber and boards. Timber frame construction initially used hand hewn beams, cut roughly rectangular by an adze and axe. Later timber frame construction used sawn beams and still later wood frame construction used sawn sills, studs, joists and rafters. Photo at page top: pit saw kerf marks on a sawn beam in a home in Cold Spring New York.

Hand hewn beams, chopped and then sized with an adze and axe were used in North America from the ‘s into the late ‘s. Our photograph above shows the scoring axe cuts and hewing adze cuts that are normally visible in the rough surface of hand hewn wood structural beams. The tool marks on the antique beam shown here were most liekly made using an adze or a combination of a broad-axe and adze.

Disston Combination Saw – Mysteries of the Tool Box

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